Seven Myths about Education – out now

My book, Seven Myths about Education, was published this week by Routledge.

It was actually first published as an ebook by The Curriculum Centre in June 2013.  There are a couple of new additions to this version. There are some slight alterations to chapter two, and, more significantly, forewords by E.D. Hirsch and Dylan Wiliam.

There’s a nice review of it here by Joe Kirby.

Before publication I wrote a short summary of each chapter. Here they are.

After publication, I also wrote three posts restating the evidence base for the book and responding to some of my critics.

Evidence base part one
Evidence base part two
Evidence base part three

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  1. ijstock says:

    Congratulations on having your book published. I look forward to reading it (we met at Old Andrew’s famous Brick Lane curry…) I hope to follow suit sometime – I think I could write a lovely sequel!!!

  2. ijstock says:

    On second thoughts, that sounds rather presumptuous! Your book is clearly technically very accomplished – I meant I agree completely… 😉

  3. I’ve read your article on The Spectator yesterday, and immediately bought the book. As someone from the land of Freire, your book is really welcome news – I hope it gets translated into Portuguese soon, so to easily spread your message here.
    I have two children doing what we call the 1st. Degree (which now lasts for 9 years) and their educational level is appalling, to say the least (and, like myself once did, they go to a private Catholic school). But it is the same everywhere around here, Paulo Freire in Brazil is not merely King; he is God reincarnated. And yet we lag behind most of the world in Math Olympics and Education in general.
    So far, I wasn’t able to find a single flaw in your line of thought, which is amazing for someone with an Oxford education (OK, obvious and not-so-funny joke from a former Cambridge bloke).
    If you want to hear some stories about Freire-style education in Brazil, please give me your e-mail (I don’t tweet – although as a retiree living in a farm I have some beautiful tweeters of every plumage and song hopping about). There may be something wrong with the google e-mail of choice too (it uses my pen name, I don’t know why), but my private e-mail is

  4. so AS to easily spread… sorry

  5. Hi there,

    I work for the Edge Foundation and have a press release that might be of interest to you with regards to the VQ Day Awards 2014 and their new Teacher Award.

    Drop me and email and I’ll send it over to you!



  6. Just bought it from the Book Depository – who knows when it’ll be published in Australia.

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  8. […] second area which is the focus of Daisy Christodoulou’s chapter on transferable skills in her pivotal “7 Myths…” book. She focuses on the transfer of expertise from one domain to another, drawing on Herb Simon’s […]

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