Teachers vs Tech?

Teachers vs Tech?

The case for an ed tech revolution

Ed tech has so much potential, both for teachers and learners, so why hasn’t it yet had the transformative impact on education that has long been promised?

Daisy Christodoulou tackles both sides of the ed tech debate in answering this question, critiquing missed opportunities about how we learn, as well as areas of success. Rooted in research, and written from the educationalists’ perspective, Teachers vs Tech? examines a broad range of topics from the science of learning and assessment, to personalisation, and the continued importance of teaching facts. It explores international examples from both big brand digital teaching programs and up-and-coming start-ups in considering what has and hasn’t worked well.

The author draws throughout on her experience in the classroom and from working within the education community. She outlines a positive vision for the future: one where technology is developed in conjunction with teachers’ expertise, and is ultimately used to improve educational outcomes for all.


Formats available: Paperback

First published: 05-03-2020

Publisher: OUP

ISBN: 9781382004121

Reviews for Teachers vs Tech?

Every educator should read this book. Not just those involved in educational technology: every educator.

Sean Dagony-Clark

Does technology help or hinder learning? The answer, of course, as with just about everything else in education, is 'it depends'. Fortunately, Daisy Christodoulou's excellent new book 'Teachers vs. tech' will help you make sense of it all. Highly recommended

Dylan Wiliam

What a gem! I would be hard-pressed to name a better book on technology and education.

Paul Kirschner

Daisy is such a good thinker, it's always a joy to read her ideas! A fascinating blend of research and insight that makes you think, re-think and think some more.

Laura McInerney

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