Daily Politics soapbox – facts are vital

Posted on 07-05-2014

Today I was on the Daily Politics soapbox talking about why facts are vital for learning. Click on the image below to see the video on the BBC website.


For more information about the research I refer to, see my book, Seven Myths about Education, available here.

The short video was filmed at the Ragged School Museum in East London. It is a lovely little museum just round the back of the Mile End Road. The building was one of Doctor Barnado’s original ragged schools in the late 19th century, set up to educate the poor of the East End. It closed in 1908, and in 1990 it was turned into a museum. As well as some permanent displays, children can take part in an authentic Victorian lesson, taught by the rather formidable lady in the video. My mother and father grew up not far from this school, although I feel I should point out they are not quite old enough to have actually attended it. I also grew up in East London not far from the museum and can remember visiting the museum as a child. It is definitely worth visiting, or taking a school trip to.