Month: September 2015

The Commission on Assessment without Levels

I was a member of the Commission on Assessment without Levels, which met earlier this year to look at ways of supporting schools with the removal of national curriculum levels. The final report was published last week, and here are a few key points from it. 1. Assessment training is very weak The Commission agreed… Read more »

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Updated: Guide to my posts about assessment

I first wrote this post back in September 2015 and have updated it in June 2016. Over the last three years, I have written a number of posts about assessing without levels. Here’s a guide to them. First of all, what were the problems with national curriculum levels that led to them being abolished? And were… Read more »

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Research Ed 2015

  Every Research Ed I’ve been to has been brilliant, and every single one has been better than the one before. Great conversations, great people, fascinating ideas – I loved it all. Here is my summary of the day. Session One I spoke about replacing national curriculum levels. You can see my slides here: REd 2015… Read more »

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