Month: March 2014

Replacing national curriculum levels

Life beyond levels? Life after levels? Life without levels?  Lots of teachers, senior leaders and academics have come up with some interesting ideas for what should replace national curriculum levels. Here’s a summary of some of those ideas. Michael Fordham is a former history teacher and now works at Cambridge’s education department. He has written… Read more »

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Seven Myths about Education – out now

My book, Seven Myths about Education, was published this week by Routledge. It was actually first published as an ebook by The Curriculum Centre in June 2013.  There are a couple of new additions to this version. There are some slight alterations to chapter two, and, more significantly, forewords by E.D. Hirsch and Dylan Wiliam.… Read more »

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Teaching knowledge is not indoctrination

Myth 7 of my book is ‘Teaching knowledge is indoctrination’. I found lots of influential educationalists who believed this, but I did also feel that it was not the most pervasive of the myths I identified. Generally, I find the problem is not that people think that teaching Romeo and Juliet is indoctrinating pupils with… Read more »

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