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A new blog you need to follow

A good friend of mine, Maria Egan, has just set up a new education blog. It’s called the Razor Blade in the Candy Floss. Maria has been an enormous influence on my thinking and writing so I am really pleased she has set up this blog, although it does mean I won’t be able to… Read more »

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Wellington Festival of Education 2015 – review

On Thursday and Friday I went to Wellington Education Festival for the fifth year in a row. It’s an amazing event and I’ve come back from every one feeling inspired and excited.  Back in 2011 the festival was on a weekend and I remember sitting in a talk with Katharine Birbalsingh trying to guess which person… Read more »

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Doris Lessing

I was very sad to hear today that Doris Lessing had died. Doris Lessing has been my favourite author since I first read Mara and Dann when I was 15. I think The Golden Notebook is probably my favourite, but I am also very keen on the Children of Violence series, The Grass is Singing… Read more »

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