Month: April 2020

What makes a good flashcard?

What makes a good flashcard? Keep it really simple. Here’s what not to do. The problem with this flashcard is that it is not clear exactly what you are supposed to remember or how you can be sure if you have got right. Are you supposed to recite every word? Just identify some of the… Read more »

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How can we make learning with laptops & tablets work?

When I was studying for GCSE history, there was a sudden class panic about revision guides. I think a job lot of guides had arrived at the library and were available to buy for about £2, but a rumour went round that they were selling out. Suddenly, students who weren’t even studying history were worrying… Read more »

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How to remember anything, forever: the secret history

The best part of researching my new book, Teachers vs Tech, was getting to read a lot more about memory. Not just the academic research on memory – although this was fascinating – but the practical attempts by real people to come up with systems to improve their long-term memory and remember things forever. Often,… Read more »

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